Data-Theft Extortion By Dark-web Marketplaces

Attackers are conducting data-theft extortion by coming up with dark web marketplaces. It exists only to sell stolen information, and the technique was used by ransomware attackers to gain money by stealing data and threatening them. A highly publicized and well-known cybercriminal performed the practice, known as “The Dark Overload”. It stole all the crucial information and demanded ransom from Netflix, Disney and several insurance companies.

About Double-Extortion Strategy

In 2019, a ransomware group, The Maze, revolutionized similar operations using a “Double-Extortion Strategy”. Using this, they attacked victims and informed them to steal data publicly if they do not receive a ransom. Several others also adopted this technique to increase ransom payments compared to the loss incurred in encrypted documents.

A rise in the stolen data

Security breaches happen every second, so governments are now issuing a huge amount of fines leading to the exposure of crucial details. With that, cyber terrorists are taking advantage of this fear using specific marketplaces stealing data. As the dark web market place is new, it has been selling stolen details for a long time.

BleepingComputer has recognized two places, File Leaks and Marketo, whose job is to sell data to others. “Dark Leak Market” was another place created in 2019 which did the same job.

About Dark Leak Market

It is the oldest place, and the data were sold at a price from $100 to $9000. The information was collected from hacking forums and ransomware data leak sites, like RaidForums.

Marketo marketplace

A new place, named Marketo, was introduced by hacktivists, and the owner contacts security researchers and journalists to enhance the website. One of the criminals has revealed that they are soon going to make it the best place to buy, find, and sell information about any firm. They told it is the place for people who have details to see and revealed to be against ransomware.

Have a Virtual Private Network

The continuous increase in the crime rate had everyone fear what measures to be taken to ensure security. One possible choice is to have a VPN, like a personvernpanettet. A wide range of subscriptions is available that you can look for to decide which one is the best. It will protect your privacy and offer security while encrypting all information. It will safeguard everything that you transfer online, and hackers cannot track your details at any cost.