Foxit Readers Bug Allows Cyber Attackers To A Malicious Code Using PDFs

Foxit Reader, created by Foxit Software, has revealed the security update regarding a severe “Remote Code Execution” vulnerability. It affects the PDF reader and runs the malicious code on Windows systems, taking complete control. The brand has over 650 million users across 200 countries, and the software is being used by at least 100,000 clients. Its extensive enterprise list includes companies like Google, Lenovo, NASDAQ, Intel, Chevron, Dell, HP, British Airways, and Asus.

Know about the ‘Use After Free’ bug

Aleksandar Nikolic first detected a “Use After Free” bug (CVE-2021-21822) in the engine of V8 JavaScript. Foxit Reader uses it in displaying the interactive elements of the documents and dynamic forms. If the bug gets exploited successfully, it can give rise to unexpected things like data corruption, crashing of programs, arbitrary execution of codes, etc.

The flaw has some annotation types through which criminals can craft malicious PDFs. It permits running the arbitrary code using memory control. To enable, the attacker will trigger the user to open the file, following which it will get enabled. It results in impacting Foxit Reader, etc., which was addressed after releasing Foxit Reader However, download the newest Foxit Reader version to fight against CVE-2021-21822.

Foxit Reader Fixing other vulnerabilities

Several other bugs are there, resulting in the disclosure of essential details, DLL hijacking, SQL injection, remote code execution, etc. All these bugs got fixed with the launch of 10.1.4 Foxit Reader.

  • Problems appear while exporting some PDFs to other formats where the application gets unmask to Memory Corruption vulnerabilities.
  • Issues as the application are being uncovered to “Arbitrary File Deletion” vulnerability because of improper access control.
  • When the applications get exposed to Null Pointer Reference, Denial of Service, Out-of-Bounds Read, Type Confusion, Context Level Bypass, Buffer Overflow vulnerability gives a chance to execute more codes to issues.
  • Problems can appear with the application being revealed to DLL Hijacking vulnerability after it was introduced. It exploited cybercriminals by executing a remote code.

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