How to pass drug test

What is drug test and how to pass it?

Drug testing is a process of knowing or detecting the metabolites of drugs are present in the body of the person or not. by collecting the bodily elements such as urine, hair or saliva and analyses on site or in lab. Specific tests are performing on-site, for confirmation and other testing submitted to lab. There are 4 types of drug test that are often used to detect drug usage in body. And at the time of drug test this question always comes in the mind that How to pass a drug test and the answer is mention below.

How to pass drug test?

For passing drug test, there are few things that you can do to your body with detox approach. 

Avoid drugs consumption

stop consuming drugs and let you body cleanse naturally. And try to avoid social situations where there is drugs consumption is present. Since you want to stop this habit for a while. 

Drinking more water

drink more water as water can help you flush out and dilute toxins, you may drink quantity of water according to your choice but if you want to drink it as per suggested number then 64oz if water is suggested each day.

Avoid junk food

stay away from the fast or junk food and processed meals, instead of unhealthy food or meals try to consume more of fresh fruits, vegetables, proteins, fibre and carbohydrates which is rich in vitamins. A healthy diet leads to healthy digestion. Also, urine and faces will help you move those THC metabolites out of your system more easily. 


weight is important element in drug test. As, weight will determine how many drug metabolites a body can hold. An induvial should also refrain from burning fat the day or the two before the test and on test day to prevent weed metabolites coming out of fat cells and spilling into the blood or urine during the drug test. 

home remedies

Home remedies are very useful for detox. And one of the best home remedy for how to pass a drug test is lemon juice, lemon juice has been suggested as a general detox drink. Many exercise experts recommended it for detoxing and removing toxins from the body. lemon also has excellent source of vitamins, minerals and soluble fibre which is helpful for detoxing the body. 

One tablespoon of lemon juice mixed with 500 ml of water, drink multiple times over the course of several hours. The main reason to drink lemon juice for 7-8 times in a day leading up to drug test.


The saliva test has become very common in recent times for drug test. With the growing technology now swab test produce the instant drug results. If there is saliva drug test in few days, be prepared, avoid smoking for few days or a weak. This will be very helpful to pass the saliva drug test.


And for the question that is how to pass a drug test? answer is mentioned above. For passing the drug test for weed, it’s better to quit the drugs completely. For a specific period as weed remains in the body for several days. And quitting the drugs can be very helpful. But in no advance notice the mention points might not be helpful for you. The only thing at that time can help you is detox kit or medication for removing the toxins from your body.