What are the social media calendar Benefits? A Comprehensive Guide

Social media calendar is a tool for marketers to plan future posts and to make sure their posts are visible to certain people.

You can use a social media calendar to plan the posts you want to publish, you can also use it to make sure your posts are visible only to certain people, if you have multiple people posting for your social media accounts, a social media calendar is really helpful for coordinating their posts and making sure they’re all visible to the right people.


Why You Should Have a Social Media Calendar

First, a social media calendar is a great way to stay organized with your social media posts, you don’t have to worry about remembering what day each social media account is for like you do if you use just each account individually, this way, you can have one calendar for all your social media accounts, with one post for each one.

Another reason you should have a social media calendar is for brand consistency, by having one calendar for all your social media accounts, you’ll make sure all future posts have the same branding and tone wherein which will help to create consistency across your social media platforms and help brand recognition grow.


The Benefits of a Social Media Calendar

Social media calendars provide many benefits, including these:

  1. Coordination of posts among employees – One of the best ways to ensure all posts are seen by the right people is to coordinate their posts, social media calendar is a great way to make sure employees are on the same page with regards to timing their posts, creating posts about related topics, and making sure their posts aren’t duplicative.
  1. More effective posts – Another benefit of social media calendars is that they help your posts be more effective, when you use social media calendars, your posts are more likely to be seen by the right people, resulting in more engagement.

This is because you’re only posting to the people who will be interested in your content, instead of putting in extra effort to reach those who aren’t as interested.

  1. More posts published – Social media calendars are also helpful for getting more posts published with a calendar, you’ll know exactly when to publish posts so you aren’t always scrambling to get content out.


How to Create a Social Media Calendar

If you haven’t already, start planning your social media calendar. You can use a calendar app if you like, but you can also keep a calendar on your computer and mark down dates as you come up with posts. Next, add each social media account to your calendar. If you’re using a spreadsheet or Google Sheet, you can make designing your calendar as easy as possible. Next, you’ll want to decide how often you’ll post on each social media account. It’s common to post twice a day on most accounts, but you can decide for yourself what’s best for your company. Once you’ve decided how often you’ll post, you’ll want to decide what type of posts you’ll publish. You can either follow the accounts’ guidelines or decide what’s best for your brand.



Social media calendars are a great way to stay organized with your posts while also making sure they’re seen by the right people. They’re essential for brand consistency and increased engagement. They help your business get more posts published while also being more effective, making them a must-have for any marketing strategy.