InternetetsecuriteReports Online Cyber Attracks Are Increasing!

Internetetsecurite, a Swiss firm that is an authoritative resource on virtual private networks (VPN’s) has revealed that there has been a marked increase in cybercrime in recent months. The company which offers their expertise and knowledge on VPN providers so that consumers can make an informed choice has come out to warn people about the dangers that these cybercriminals pose.

Although awareness has increased in recent years, there are still so many people that are unaware of the pitfalls they face daily when using the internet,” said the CEO of Internetetsecurite. He went on to add “Due to COVID-19, hackers are now working overtime in the knowledge that more people are using the internet than ever before. They can use specialist software and intuitive techniques to gain access to the personal and financial information of internet surfers.

The company wants to bring increased exposure to what these cybercriminals are doing and offer tips that people using the internet can do to help protect themselves. Hackers can use sniffing software to gain access to WiFi networks and computers and devices on them. Using various techniques such as trojans and malware, they can then steal passwords and login details for email addresses, e-wallets, online banking apps and more.

As an authority on online security, the biggest tip that Internetetsecurite has for users is to make use of a leading VPN provider. A VPN should be used whenever you connect to the internet, especially if you are using a public WiFi hotspot. Your connection is private and more importantly, offers encryption for all data sent and received by your computer. They also recommend that you use firewalls, antivirus software and use difficult to hack passwords.

A standard connection to the internet offers very little protection. The data packets sent to and from your computer are unencrypted and therefore easy for a hacker to access if he intercepts one. Using a VPN can put an end to this thanks to 128-bit SSL encryption technology that is used to protect those data packets.

A VPN is a private network of computers. When you connect to your chosen VPN, a virtual encrypted tunnel is created. The data sent between your computer and the server that you are connected to is encrypted. You then connect to the internet via the server used on the VPN network. This not only provides massively increased security but also allows you to surf in complete privacy.

When connecting the internet via a VPN, the identity of your computer is kept private. This is because you connect from the server on the network that you have chosen. You connect using the IP address from that computer. Essentially, you are using that computer for the internet connection instead of your own.

This means that you can take advantage of some benefits. If you like to download torrents, you can do so knowing that these downloads will never be traced back to you. In fact, if you like to keep all of your online activity private, you can. Furthermore, you can access online content that would otherwise be prohibited in your location. Simply connect to a server in the region that is required to view the content, and you will be able to bypass geo-restrictions.

A VPN has plenty of benefits aside from the obvious increase in security that they afford. You can keep your activity private so that advertising companies cannot snoop and use your viewing history to send targeted ads your way. If you like to watch streaming sites and want access to content from other regions, this is easily achievable too.Good quality VPN’s are not expensive and certainly worth their weight in gold if you value your online security and privacy.