Slots manufacturers and providers of slots machines

As an Agen Judi Online, you need to know the slots manufacturers and providers in the market so that you settle for the best for your users to enjoy playing on your site. They are the innovators who provide a way of wager that is loved by gamblers all over the world. Without such companies, gambling could still be done in the landbased casinos up to date.

There are several manufacturers and providers in the market boasting to be the big names in the industry of slots machines worldwide. There are some which produce the landbased one while others concentrate on the online gaming machines, while others make for both landbased and online markets.

The following are some of the best that the Agen Judi Onlineshould consider picking:


Also known as AGT or in full, Ainsworth game technology is considered to be the leader in provision of slots machines for both online and offline casinos. It was first created in the 1995 and is based in Australia, in the New South Wale state.

AGT has come up with some of the world’s reputable machines that boast of dependability and reputation.  Their success is also attributed to experience since the founder Len Ainsworth,  was a gaming manufacturer in 1953 of Aristocrat Leisure.

The efforts of AGT is focused on producing slots machine, having released dozens of titles in the past years in the categories of: mystery jackpots, progresssives that are stand-alones, interactive mobile games, multi-games, and linked slots.  Their most popular titles include Grand dragon, Eagle bucks, and money heat.  While there are no chances of their games being revolutionalized in the industry,  gamblers can depend on their quality and fair experience whenever they spin.

Amatic Industries

It was founded in 1993, and it is a small family owned business specializing in designing both off and online slot games. It is a company that has its headquarter in Austria, and it is the same country where its first game was featured. For about two decades, Amatic was only known in the Austria market with no expansion.

In 2011, two major moves were made by the company. The first one was to release a small online slots library for the very first time. The second move was to expand in the other two markets: the UK and Poland.

Amatic seems to be the leading brand in Europe when it comes to the slots game design even if it has not yet registered its name worldwide. Their main focus is still in producing landbased games. They have a library of about 200 online games which is impressive bearing in mind that, it just started on them not long ago.

Being a new slot designer, they are not yet at the game top, whereby they produce a long list of fiver reel games that are nearly identical without having a variety of involved plots or special features. With their expansion in the UK as well as the worldwide gambling market, there are chances of them producing more online games in the future.