Which iGaming Business Model Works? API, Turnkey, or White Label?

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Are you looking forward to starting your iGaming business? It is a great initiative as the Gaming industry is expanding and growing at a faster pace. While starting the business successfully, you will find it difficult to pick reliable software out of many. What you will choose at this stage will have a great impact on your business. Here is a brief introduction of Turnkey, API, and White Label, giving you an idea of which one to go ahead with. 

  • API

The API solution is created for the present online operators. It can integrate the betting and gambling solutions, and odds feeds with the present sites. The SWARM API solution can be used for custom design development. Also, the initial open-source codes present on GitHub is another solution to use. Odds Feed API is used to integrate and get a rating on the site. Swarm API is for connecting and getting game data and sports for a custom interface. Partner API integrates the betting and gambling products into the casino site. 

  • Turnkey 

Turnkey offers a fully manageable and powerful back-office, and more than 500 payment methods are integrated. It indicates by opting for the platform, and you can offer a hassle-free platform. By opting for Turnkey, you can enjoy 24/7 customer support under your license. The other things available are BME console, 24/7 B2C and B2B support, risk management, no extra fee to take part in every jackpot. The perk of availing Turnkey is to control software development and product strategy based on the business needs. 

  • White Label 

It includes betting and gambling products under licenses in Malta, Curacao, France, and the United Kingdom. By opting for White Labels you take full advantage of the out-of-the-box offers. It also includes a 24*7 service packages in different languages and integrated systems. 

It also includes sportsbook software with full and risk management. Under this license, you can carry out the activities, wallet and risk management, BME console, 24/7 B2B and B2C supports, etc. With this, you have a limited choice to modify the colour and layout of the product. 

Look for trustworthy software providers

While picking any of the choices, ensure the software providers are trustworthy and give services to launch your online casino business. You can start with big brand names such as Microgaming. It helps in the growth of the business and boosts your ROI. While picking them, check if it is worthy to rely on them. While shopping for a potential software, things you should look after are their reviews, research about the software, preparing a list of questions, etc. 

In the end 

Keeping all the parameters in mind will make it easy for you to select the right software. Look for a comprehensive gaming platform solution giving optimal control of the business direction. It gives you control over the casino, sports betting, software development, branding, etc. Thus, by picking the right software, you can set up your own online casino business. 




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