Thai Rice Boxes: Everything You Wanted To Know


There are a variety of rice boxes available in Thailand. The boxes are conventionally hand-crafted and hand-painted for people. They are found in numerous styles, colors, and sizes. Since it is traditionally used in South Asia to store rice, it is ideal for storing pasta, grains, flour, and other dry food goods. You can even use it as a decorative item in your kitchen and home. 

Let’s dive deeper into the overview of the Thai rice box (กล่องข้าว, which is the term in Thai) in detail.

How Are Thai Rice Boxes Made?

Thai rice boxes are not made using machines. It is assembled and hand-painted to give it a different look. The craftsperson who prepares this rice box does not use any template or measurements to work on it.

The rice boxes are distinctive in shape, size, and design. The beautiful designs on it make it look more appealing and extraordinary.

The primary material used to make Thai rice boxes is bamboo. It has more strength than wood, brick, and concrete. The bamboo used is extensively garnered in Phrae, in northern Thailand.

For the base, the bamboo is cut into thin and long strips and woven into a square. Then, water is sprinkled on it to make it malleable. It is done to bend the bamboo to give it a beautiful shape. A layer of chalk, sawdust, and a layer of glue is covered onto the structure and allow to dry for two days. It makes the structure robust and durable. Hence, the boxes are then painted with vivid colors.

What Are The Variety Of Rice Boxes?

There are a variety of rice boxes available in different sizes. The larger ones are the storage units for a big bag of rice. It can also be used as a hiding place for small children. Moreover, they are available in a diversity of shapes. The most common one is in the shape of a cylinder. Elongated and round boxes also look very eye-catching.

What Are The Rice Boxes Used For?

The Thai rice box is highly versatile. They are used as decorative items as well as storage bins. You can use it to make it a base for table lamps. If you want to give your house a modern look with a traditional touch, you can keep your kid’s toys in it. Hence, you can also use it to store snacks for your guest.