What Exactly Are Megaways Slots and What Does the Future Look Like?

Megaways Slots have risen to become one the worlds most favoured online casino games. It seems that year on year more and more players are registering accounts in the pursuit of the lucrative rewards that Megaways Slots offer. Players across the world enjoy the results of Big Time Gaming’s game mechanic.  This article will explain how Megaways Slots work and give some examples.
What Are Megaways Slots?
Megaways Slots are an online games system that function using the Megaways random reel modifier mechanic. Big Time Gaming, an Australian based company, were the company who created and developed the random reel modifier mechanic.

This modifier mechanic enables the software to change exactly how many symbols appear on the reels anytime that the game spins. This innovative function offers an incredible increase in ways that you can win. It offers thousands more ways to win compared to more traditional online slots. In the entirety of Big Time Gaming’s catalogue, most of the Megaways Slots offer an incredible 117,649 different ways of winning. Truly mind-blowing and a really exciting insight into what the future may hold in store.

Since they began licensing Megaways Slots to other companies, Big Time Gaming can boast much more range and diversity than any of its competitors and it means casino apps like luckycatslot.com can showcase multiple Megaways slot games from different brands. The payout lines offered are so appealing to players as there is just so many more ways to win. 

Gamers go into a game believing there is a realistic chance of making some good money. The number of reels on a game varies depending on which game you are playing. At the lower end of the scale some games have as ‘little’ as 15,625 and at the higher end they have a mesmerizing 248,832 ways of winning.  

How is the Number of Ways to Win Calculated?
You will not need to figure out for yourself the number of ways that you can win when playing a game as the Megaways Slots will display the number in an obvious place on the screen (usually somewhere at the top).

However, if you wish to, the formula we must use to calculate the number of ways to win is exactly the same as how the Tote Placepot works in horse racing.

Which are the Most Significant Megaways Slots to Play?
The list below shows three of the top Megaways Slots. They offer the highest number of ways to win out of all the Megaways Slots out there and amongst the most popular.

Extra Chilli Megaways
Extra Chilli is a ‘feature buy’ game. This unique method means that the player can buy the bonus feature rather than having to trigger it on the reels. It’s great for the player as it offers a feeling of instant success.

Bonanza Megaways
The one that launched Megaways into the everyday lives of players. It is one of the originals that introduced players to these huge multipliers and it has been ever present to this day.  

White Rabbit Megaways

White Rabbit has the highest RTP an so rightfully deserves its place on this list. It offers a staggering 248,832 potential Megaways.

What does the Future Hold for Megaways and for the Players?

It is hard to say what the future might hold. A common way of looking into the future is to look at the past and how much something has changed over the years.

Way back to the beginning of slots there were just a handful of ways that you could win and today we are seeing almost a quarter of a million! That being said, it is fair to say that the future looks bright for players of Megaways as the developers keep on developing and the ways that we can win seems to keep on increasing. Whatever happens it will certainly be entertaining and hopefully profitable.