Cybersecurity concerns as Russian Solarwinds hack breaks daylight

Cybersecurity has long become a growing issue across the globe as millions more users jump online everyday. However in light of the recognition that reports indicate that Russians have hacked US cyberspace, it appears that despite the warnings of protecting systems and valuable advice from firms like allertaprivacy, there are still ways that unauthorised parties are gaining access in to private domains.

Reviewing current procedures

Like in any relationship where errors occur, agencies attached to the US Intelligence are now in progress of assessing the current procedures in place between the US and Russia.

With supply chains allegedly the target, the extensive issue potentially puts many businesses in danger, of whom do trading in or with Russian counterparts.

Basing the new instated routines of analysing the links between the US and Russia on a newfound concern over trust, security officials incline that a distrust between two countries should potentially mean a halt on dealings. Though the issue and execution of such a measure could be far more complex.

Biden’s administration pass on the blame

Looking in to the situation where apparently around nine different US federal agencies were hacked, the administration for President Biden have issued blame towards Russia’s SVR foreign intelligence agency for the event.

However, an interesting addition to this claim is that further blame is being nudged towards Russian owned technology companies, who may or may not have enabled the cyber attack in the first place.

With elements of espionage and spying on the cards for possible reasoning behind the Solarwinds hack, various reports coming from officials at the White House claim that in one instance alone, more than 18,000 clients unknowingly downloaded malicious coding which added to the severity of the overall attack.

The White House has also claimed that around 100 companies were targeted under the latest Russian advance.

Ongoing concerns of cyber safety

The latest Russian attempt to hack in to US systems is not the only isolated incident, with the US already taking action in previous years to minimise the potential threat posed by supply chains in different countries.

US telecom businesses are already facing a ban on using certain procedures to keep people and businesses safe from potential cyber attack, but more extreme measures like the National Defense Authorization Act also looks to engage higher levels of security by barring links using Kaspersky coding on third party websites.

Making the news in recent years, the US in particular took action on a cyber level to prevent certain companies gaining a larger foothold on US cyber space like Huawei. Other firms however have undergone much larger scale investigations with Codecov claiming an unknown party had tampered with their software, which serves over 29,000 businesses.

Although many firms being investigated deny all knowledge of any wrong doing, the feat in to investigating cyber crime continues to be of great importance in the US both on a local and international scale. The Solarwinds hack is still being investigated.