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Are you now working from home or shop online always? Do you think you can stay privacyonline with your home wi-fi? Even password-protected home wi-fi can expose your online activity to companies and cybercriminals. So, what you know and think to be private may be not be secured like your photos, password, credit card numbers and even bank details. Therefore, you need to be private and take measures in keeping prying eyes out of your internet details. You need to therefore secure your connections with a VPN and refrain hackers from stealing your personal information and other companies from tracking your online activities. 

About information privacy

Information privacy is sometimes referred to as data privacy or online privacy. It is one of the elements of online security and it handles issues such as how the data is collected or stored, the required data, whether the data is shared with a third party or not and any regulatory restrictions such as GDPR. There are companies, in fact, bigger companies that accumulate all the user’s data in order to maximize their ad sales or product. It is a good practice rather if the company keeps all the information about the customers secure, not sharing any of the data with any third party without your consent and use the data negligently.

About public concern

You may agree that most of the time, you do not have any idea and control over the collection of data by private companies. Not even that, the data collection by government companies is also not under control. This is where GDPR comes into play which can protect your data and privacy. There are certain articles in GDPR which include your right to know what data particular company stores about you. With this, you can even refuse a company to have access to your browsing history and cookies while you visit their sites. GDPR article leaves this responsibility for the company to gain your consent first and follow all the regulations that state not to share any of the customers’ information with any third party.