The Best Way to Obtain the Information Regarding Austrian Federal Railways – ÖBB Fahrplan

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A visit to Austria is still a dream for many people around the world. And if you have got a chance to explore the beautiful country, you are the luckiest among the crowd.

If you are preparing for a train tour in Austria, here’s everything you need to know about the Austrian Federal Railways or the ÖBB and its ÖBB Farhplan.

The Austrian Federal Railways:

The first important thing that you need to know is, the rail transport network in Austria or the Austria Federal Railways is under the control of the Republic of Austria. It is named the ÖBB in short. The full form of ÖBB is ÖsterreichischeBundesbahnen. There are various transformations for this name as it was formerly known as BBÖ and is currently ÖBB.

As the entire railway system covering about 6,123 kilometres or 3,805 miles is owned by the national rail company, the timetable, decision making on train routes is under the ÖBB’s control. Something that makes the railway system of this European country is that it offers flexible modes of ticket cancellation policies.

ÖBB and tickets:

The ÖBB system offers two types of tickets. The first one is the non-exchangeable or the non-refundable ticket. A passenger does not get the money back due to the cancellation of such tickets. And mostly these tickets do not even have the option to cancel. The next type of ticket is full price tickets. These tickets are refundable.

The ÖBB Farhplan or the ÖBB Timetable:

The train schedules are made and organised by the ÖBB itself. There are many ways through which you can obtain the information regarding the timings of each train. Firstly, the ÖBB Farhplan is always present at every railway station. You can find the routes by which each train travels and the timings of them once you visit a station.

You can also get to know the schedule by staying in the comfort of your house. This includes browsing through the internet or contacting the ÖBB customer centre using phones.

What can I find on the ÖBB website?

Visiting the ÖBB website gives you a clear image of all the trains, their routes and the timings. The website also offers the services of a route planner that is called “SCOTTY”. All you are required to do is enter the commencing point and your desired destination and click the search button.

In just a fraction of a second, you will be provided with complete information regarding the public transport connections that you can take. This planner is very much updated that it also takes the train delays into account when you look out for train travels.

Mobile compatible website:

The ÖBB website can also be accessed through smartphones to find the ÖBB Farhplan. It also provides the facility to download the timetable image to your device. The planner includes the entire ÖBB rail network to show the details of every train. Visit the ÖBB site to get a genuine and accurate timetable for your travel.




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