What is the flight attendants’ real task?

For every one of you that assumes that their job is to serve coffee on the aircraft, and bill them like a coffee at the Eiffel Tower, allow me to inform you nothing could be better from reality.

The actual job of a flight attendant is to protect the safety and security of the guests. Yet since we do not have emergencies each day onboard. Neither do we need to treat angina, childbirth, cardiac arrest, or do an emergency discharge after producing a fire. We have plenty of time to offer the tea as well as tomato juice with salt as well as pepper that you consume on the aircraft.

A steward is intensely trained to be able to deal with the plane. Overcome Flight Attendant Faculty [แอร์โฮสเตส เรียนคณะอะไร, which is the term in Thai] training, academic, and physical examinations. First the initial training course the airline companies offered, after that the qualification program and then they will keep training every year in every correspondence course of the airline they fly for.

Moreover, to be a flight attendant you have to know that you are most likely to collaborate with the public. That you are the visible head as well as an image of your firm which willingness, manners, and empathy are crucial factors for this job.

Your work will be more important than weekends, vacations, or household get-togethers, basically, because all that is over. Your job will rely on a monthly trip program. So, you will have to leave your plans and social life for your time off.

Do you assume this is the way of living for you? Is your dream to function flying? If the response is yes, welcome aboard!

Geographical as well as time availability

In this task, there are no weekend breaks, summer season holidays, or holidays. You should work on a daily basis for the year. Besides, the airline company’s base is probably in a city apart from your own, so you will have to transfer to one more area or live less than 90 minutes far from the base.

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