Ways To Keep Your Spine Healthy: Dr Lauren Papa

If you’re looking for ways to keep your spine healthy, there are plenty of things you can do. We’ve compiled a list of the top tips that will help you avoid back pain and injuries as well as get stronger in the process.

Exercise Regularly

In addition to helping you maintain a healthy weight and boost your mood, exercise can also help relieve stress. That’s because it releases endorphins–chemicals that make you feel good–and improves flexibility and mobility. It even gives you better sleep quality!

Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is an important part of keeping your spine healthy. In fact, research has shown that people who sleep less than 7 hours per night are at higher risk of developing back pain than those who get 8 or more hours of shut-eye each night.

Getting a good night’s rest isn’t always easy though–especially if you have trouble sleeping in general or suffer from chronic pain that keeps you awake at night. If this sounds like something you deal with, don’t worry! There are plenty of tips and tricks out there for helping people fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer (and we’ll get into some of them later). But before we dive into those tips and tricks let’s take a look at why getting enough sleep matters so much when it comes to our spines:

Avoid Sitting For Long Periods Of Time

One of the best ways to keep your spine healthy is to avoid sitting for long periods of time. Sitting can cause back pain and it also leads to obesity, which can be harmful to your overall health.

Exercise regularly and get enough sleep, as these two things will help reduce stress on the spine. Avoid smoking, excessive alcohol consumption and substance abuse because these behaviors will only increase stress on the body which could lead to chronic pain in the back or neck area

Avoid Smoking, Excessive Alcohol Consumption And Substance Abuse

To keep your spine healthy, it’s important to avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, according to Dr Lauren Papa. Smoking can cause inflammation in the spine, which can lead to a weakened spine and even disc degeneration. Smoking also reduces oxygen flow to your discs, which may cause them to collapse or rupture.

Similarly, excessive alcohol consumption has been linked with back pain because of its negative effects on muscle spasms and inflammation within the body (this includes spinal discs).

Maintain A Healthy Weight

Maintaining a healthy weight is an important part of spine health. If you’re overweight or obese, losing just 5-10% of your body weight can reduce the risk of developing osteoarthritis in your lower back.

In order to maintain an ideal weight, it’s crucial to eat right and exercise regularly. Dr Lauren Papa recommends eating more fruits and vegetables while limiting saturated fats and sugar intake; they also recommend getting at least 150 minutes per week of moderate aerobic activity (such as brisk walking) or 75 minutes per week of vigorous aerobic activity (such as jogging).

If you need help losing weight or eating healthier foods, talk with your doctor about starting an exercise program together–he or she may be able to recommend some local classes that would fit into both your schedule and budget!