Why are evaporative coolers a better cooling option?

Evaporative cooler is known to deliver cool and fresh air. They will keep the environment and your lungs happy. They will bring in cool and refreshing air and throw out hot and still air in the outer environment. An Evaporative air cooler not only provides a good cooling mechanism but is also a better option than other cooling systems available on the market. Here are some facts and features which make you believe that evaporative air coolers are a better cooling option.

Energy consumption

While you enjoy the cool air from air coolers you do not wish to get a long electricity bill. Evaporative technology is equipped to use the energy of outside air in order to evaporate water which results in lower overall temperature. The energy produced from the cooling of air is converted into latent heat; it binds with the cooler to provide a bit of humidity. Since the energy is only used by fans and pumps, the overall consumption of electricity is nine times less than that of a compressed air conditioning system.

Geographic benefit

The evaporative air cooler is used in residential as well as commercial spaces across the globe. The air conditioning system is effective in parts of the globe where the relative humidity is low and the weather is extremely dry and hot. From most parts of North and west India to the western United States and South Australia evaporative air coolers are prevalent because of arid weather conditions.  The coolers add moisture to the dry air of these places causing a great amount of comfort and coping with dryness. Because of humid weather in coastal areas they are less effective there.

Easy maintenance and installation

Installing an evaporative air cooler is easy. You should find a window near the installation of an evaporative air cooler for a better cooling methodology that pulls air outside and converts it into refreshing air inside and vice versa. The assembly installation in maintenance is quite easy for an evaporative water cooler. During the off-season or dormant time, you should clean pipes and cover them to prevent dirt and dust from logging in. Water tanks require regular cleaning and anti-rust paint to keep them in great shape. The cooling pad should be cleaned and replaced from time to time according to requirements.

Environmental friendly

They are extremely environmentally friendly. Evaporative coolers use less electricity. Compared with the refrigerator system they use a little proportion of power. They cause low energy peaks which reduce wiring costs and can be used with solar energy too. They produce significantly fewer greenhouse gases.  They are divided by any harmful synthetic refrigerant that causes ozone depletion.


If you consider buying an evaporative air cooler then you can save yourself from extra electricity bills and the environment too. You should consider factors like the area, climatic conditions, budget and many more before you buy any cooling system.