XtraPC – workable or a scam?

Many of us have an old computer somewhere, or even a few of them, that we are not ready to part with, for sentimental or any other reasons. The new age of apps and programs make it virtually impossible to work on because it takes ages to open even a single browser page, not to say anything more complicated. 

Heck, some even can’t install the newer Windows or Mac OS. Recently, XtraPC has come to the market claiming that it can revamp old devices with as little effort as sticking a USB to the device and following a few steps along the way. We are here to demystify this wonderous device and make a verdict if it’s worth buying it.

What is XtraPC?

XtraPC is a USB drive stick that holds a simpler but updated version of Linux Operating System that has a tradition of keeping the devices safe especially online, beloved by IT professionals all over the world. This is because it’s an open source OS that can be downloaded for free and it’s maintained and developed by IT enthusiasts that appreciate safe internet usage and virus-free environment. Not that there aren’t any viruses and malware made for Linux, but comparably much less than for Mac or Windows.

XtraPC utilizes the open source OS to bypass or simply add an operating system to your old computer and make it work again. The OS doesn’t have any unnecessary processes running in the background, saving RAM and processing power – this way it makes the computer faster.

Depending on the version, you can acquire a 16-bit and 32-bit drives to revamp your old computers. There is also a Pro version that allows to save unreachable and damaged data on your old hard drive, a process that can be costly if done at the repair shop.

What do you need to make XtraPC work on your device?

In order to make the USB drive work on your computer, you need a computer of at least 700MHz, RAM of at least 512 MB, a GPU that supports HDMI, VAG, or DVI, and a BIOS version that allows USB booting. The maker also recommends a hard drive of at least 2 GB, but it’s not necessary, since the maker also advertises the stick to work on computers with no hard drives. The USB stick comes with certain available space that should be sufficient for a few games, movies, etc.

Pros and Cons of buying XtraPC

With all that said, the pros are numerous:

  • Great for anybody uncomfortable with buying free-ware
  • Protection from malware, safe browsing
  • Approved by Yahoo, ABC, and USA Today
  • It does significantly upgrade your old device’s speed
  • Updateable Linux OS
  • -Pro version can recover lost and damaged data

The cons are the following:

  • Linux OS is free and easy to add on a USB stick
  • It takes about an hour to install it
  • Some files and programs on your old hard drive won’t be available
  • Shipment can be costly towards some areas
  • Vague or incomplete instructions especially for Mac users

With all this said, XtraPC really does what the maker advertises and can revamp your old computer. If you are not comfortable with downloading free software yourself and setting up a USB drive on your own, XtraPC is more than a viable option.