CISO Challenge: Check The Cybersecurity Skills Here

IndoSec leaders always need to be aware of possible threats and take necessary actions against them. Their tasks include planning a possible way for unknown security risks, reacting when emergencies arise, and many more. They always have to keep the skills and knowledge sharp as no one knows when the attackers will hack your system. The question is what the security experts have to do to be prepared for the next threat. So, they can test themselves on the latest website, “The CISO Challenge”.

About the challenge

Introduced by XDR provider Cynet, it allows information security leaders to test the cybersecurity mettle. It features a challenge for all the upcoming leaders, including InfoSec, to test the knowledge in a realistic and high stake series of scenarios. The challenge comprises 25 scenarios depending on complex and real-time situations faced by security professionals. Also, they compete against others to win prize money of $5000.

The topics covered

In 25 scenarios, the topics covered are compliance and regulations, architecture, measurements and metrics, threat and vulnerability management, audit and governance, security awareness and training, etc.

Responding to the challenge

On the 5th of May 2021, the CISO challenge was launched, which will run a competition till the 21st of May 11:59. After it gets over, the platform will be open for everyone, but the competition does not exist. It tests security executive knowledge, finding creative solutions, responding to capabilities while facing the most uncommon and common issues in the field. Also, through the wringer, it aims to offer security leaders’ knowledge. In that way, they were forced to think outside the box and get a correct answer to the question.

A great way to engage with peers

The challenge is the right way to engage with peers and expand the perspective and knowledge by providing the right solution. It offers questions of various difficulty levels and dares CISOs to find their ability in a game where odds and answers are not in their favor. It also has a leaderboard showcasing how the contestants have performed.

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