What makes fishing the most popular sport for tourists visiting Thailand?

Thailand is said to be the most popular tourist destination and is mainly preferred by all people to visit it once. It serves you with exciting, fun activities, Thai food, water sports, temple visits but out of all these; it is famous for its fishing sport. 

Fishing sport is the most popular among tourists to visit when visiting Thailand, Pattaya, or Bangkok.

What’s make fishing sport most popular?

Thailand has a massive variety of fish species in the country, which is not found anywhere else. For all fish lovers, it is a treat to the eyes. Their wide variety of fish species makes it a popular sport among tourists and a great Bangkok fishing tour.

It offers such kind of species

The Giant Gourami – is a large fish that weighs between 8 and 10 kilograms. The Giant Gourami is a picky eater who is a rare catch as they are very witty and intelligent to fall into prey. They prefer floating lettuce but will also eat bottom-feeding corn and non-edible bread mix baits, as well as meat. 

Spotted Featherback – this is a stunning tropical hunter fish. They weigh around 8-10kgs. Fisher’s fishing in Thailand with live and dead baits, as well as appealing diving baits, catch them with ease. Worms work well as a lure for featherback species. Due to their apparent knife-shaped body, they are often called Knifefish. For Thais, it’s a cherished delicacy.

Sheatfish – They are an extremely endangered species. Sheatfish can reach a length of 2.5 meters. The Wallago Attu is also known as the “Man-Eating Catfish” because it is said to have a taste for cannibalism after consuming dead bodies that had been discarded in Indian rivers. In up-country Thailand, this massive predator is also said to prey on frogs and other aquatic animals.

Peacock bass – is another name for many species of tropical freshwater fish belonging to the genus Cichla. These are small in size but weigh around 4kgs. They are beautiful and appealing to the eyes. Smaller lures, such as smooth plastics, spinners, and fruit baits, are ideal for catching small bass.